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Profit From Profit Sharing

00:25 – Why share? 00:35 – Benefits of not using your own money 00:50 – Excellent tradeoff Hi, everybody. My name is Rick Otton from How do we get more properties from more people quicker and faster, especially when you just don’t have that much money? The best way to make profit is to […]

We Buy Houses Radio Ep 166: Street Smart Property Investing

Rick Otton is on fire in this We Buy Houses Radio podcast as he shares practical, street smart property investing strategies you can apply in your own transactions. If you want to fine tune your communication skills and expand your options when negotiating with buyers, sellers and even estate agents, then be sure to check […]

One Step Negotiation

00:32 – The traditional way 00:50 – Possibilities for miscommunication 01:05 – One step at a time Hi, everybody. My name is Rick Otton, from Quite often when we present a proposal for a property transaction, the other person needs time to process the information. And because they need to process it, they can’t […]

Protecting Your Profit

00:29 – Maximise profit when selling 00:50 – Designing the terms 01:00 – Framing the terms Hi, everybody. It’s Rick Otton from Beautiful day in the office! I was speaking with my Go Direct students the other day and the topic of getting payments for houses came up. Say you’re selling your house to […]

We Buy Houses Radio Ep 165: Latest Property Trends

Part 2 of the conversation between Rick Otton and former student Trevor Cutmore. In today’s We Buy Houses Radio Show, Rick and Trevor discuss the latest property market trends and how these trends mat affect your property investing strategies.

We Buy Houses Radio Ep 164: Top Tips for Lease Options

Tune in on the conversation between Rick Otton and former student Trevor Cutmore as they reveal practical golden nuggets you can use when talking to sellers.

The Golden Rule Of Joint Ventures

00:30 – How to work with other people 00:50 – How much money was put in? 01:10 – The golden rule Hi everybody, my name is Rick Otton from I was teaching some of my Go Direct mentoring students the other day on ways to buy houses with other people. How do you buy […]



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