Rick Otton: Property Investor and Mentor
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£25,000 In One Transaction!

I transacted one property and
made £10,000 upfront, £400 cash
flow per month and a back end
profit of £15,000!

Adam & Frances Long
£57,995 In One Transaction!

I was able to sell my house to a
tenant-buyer and made £343
cash flow per month with a back
end profit of £57,995!

Lindsay Naylor
I Make £65,000 Per Property!

Four new deals signed up and
possible 5th tomorrow. All £3,000 to
£5,000 upfront, nearly £1,000 cash
flow and total back end of £60,000!
Thank U, Thank U, Thank U

Trish McGirr
£7,000 In Less Than 2 Weeks!

I sold a £109,000 property for
£121,000 and pocketed £7,000
for less than 2 weeks work!

Oliver Wastell
£97,000 In One Transaction!

I sold my 3 bedroom house in
London and I received £30,000
upfront, £1,187 per month and
£67,000 back end profit!

Rachel Baws
Made £200 per month cashflow
& £16,000 backend profit!

'I increased my cash flow from £45 a month to about £200 a month. Better than that, it was when property values were falling and I still made about £16,000 profit on the property.'

Sue Childs

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- Dale Beaumont, Author of 16 Best Selling Books.

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