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Building Your Team

Video Highlights:

0:38 – Why You Need A Team
1:05 – The Wisdom Of Having 2 Solicitors
2:45 – Why You’ll Want A Private Lender
4:05 – Getting The Right Estate Agents Aboard

Hi, it’s Rick Otton.

I’ve just had a Go Direct Conference take place. One of the students mentioned that he had a deal that got away. He had the opportunity to buy a piece of property very cheap, but only had a short amount of time in which to do it. Because he didn’t have all the components in place, the deal got away.

How do we avoid that problem from ever happening again?

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Know Your Numbers

Video Highlights:

0:27 – The Power of Knowing Your Numbers
1:25 – How To Know How Much Your Deals Are Worth
2:15 – Why You Should Look For “The Packets of 10”

Hi, everybody. It’s Rick Otton speaking. Today’s video is about numbers. I know that sounds really, really boring, but numbers can be really, really powerful and has a lot to do with how much we earn every single year by knowing our numbers. And sometimes I find the most successful people are people who know their numbers and sometimes people who aren’t that motivated, not that excited to get out of bed, I usually find this because they just don’t know their numbers. So today it’s all about numbers.

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4 Questions For Buyers


0:30 Importance of a stable job and income
1:20 When will the moving truck arrive?
1:40 Seed money

Hi everybody, its Rick Otton speaking, and today’s video is a great one, it’s the four little nugget questions we need to ask when someone’s coming to buy our house.

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When Is A Deal A Deal?


0:07 Defining deals
0:30 Deal Makers Should Be Able To Answer These Questions!
1:26 The fruit of every problem you face

Hi everybody, its Rick speaking, Rick Otton, and today’s video is all about, when is a deal a deal?

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Getting sellers to love you

Getting Sellers To Love You


0:48 Break the ice!
1:00 You’ll make a mark when you do this
1:30 What are you having for lunch?

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Light Bulb

Newbie Insights from a Beginner Property Investor

Light BulbA few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to share with my podcast listeners the story of Brad, one of my younger students who is in his early twenties from the UK. I enjoyed listening to Brad’s story, because he reminded me so much of my adventures before I discovered the benefits of seller finance!

Like me, Brad also had very long journey before becoming a full time property investor, and when I say “journey” it means he jumped from one job to another before he attended one of my events in the UK. Straight out of high school, he first worked as a brick layer. Then, when the market crashed in 2008, he delivered the mail as a postman. And because he did so well delivering the mail, he was promoted to an area manager.

By many folks’ standards, Brad did well for himself, as a 23-year old area manager for the postal service, but Brad wanted more. The only problem was that he didn’t know how to get where he wanted to go. His dream was to invest in real estate.

I can say that his luck changed when one of his cousins invited him to attend one of my training events in the UK. Brad admitted to me that when he first walked into my seminar, he had no idea whatsoever about property investment, despite having the passion to want to invest money in houses. This lack knowledge, however, didn’t last that long. After learning my strategies, one thing led to another, and Brad proudly shared with me and my listeners that his first rent to buy deal had a successful outcome.

You may know this (if you have already read a copy of my book), but like Brad, I had my fair share of jobs in Australia, Europe, and Texas before I struck gold with property investment. I used to be a bus driver, hosted a TV show for a while, and did A LOT of jobs here and there to make ends meet. When I married my wife, Jane, we both agreed that our dreams was to have enough money to travel, spend time with our families in different parts of the world and make a difference in peoples’ lives. The only problem was that our jobs, back then, didn’t give us what we wanted and we were searching for another way.

It was a stroke of luck, during the Savings and Loans crisis in Texas, when I got my big break with buying a house. Jane and I were able to acquire a significant property portfolio after investing for one year, and from our experiences we created the foundation of our predictable, reliable property investment strategies used in Australia and the UK today.

If you’re young, don’t have a lot of cash and you’re passionate, that shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goals. You’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose!

But if you’re really serious, invest in yourself first, surround yourself with like-minded people and find a mentor whom you can turn to for advice in the field you’ve chosen, like Brad did.

Clean Kitchen

Fix and Flip 101

Clean KitchenZoopla revealed in a new survey that there are now 484,000 property millionaires in the UK. If that’s not an impressive number, consider this: nine out of 10 millionaires have built their fortunes by investing in property.

The real estate market is filled with fantastic opportunities to build wealth and achieve financial security. But like any other industry, it is not immune to market crashes. If you’re not careful, you can just as easily bury yourself in debt. Just ask the people who lost out when the Global Financial Crisis hit.

Keep in mind that investing in property requires strategic planning. You can’t just enter the property market because ‘everone else is doing it’. If you do, you may easily find yourself scraping pennies trying to make ends meet.

The problem with many new investors is that they only think of “why” they want to invest. For the most part, it’s because they want to make more money because more money means more freedom, and more freedom means more time for yourself and for your family.

Unfortunately, they stop there. They forget to ask “how” their investment property can make that extra income for them.

If you are an aspiring investor, fixing and flipping a home may be an income generating strategy that may work for you:

Fix and Flip

Fix and Flip is a quick way to earn a profit with a simple reno. The basic principle behind Fix and Flips is so simple, anyone can do it. Find a house, fix it up, then sell. If you’re interested to invest this way, there are a few things you have to ask and answer before taking on every project:

  • What are the areas that need to be fixed?
  • What’s the total cost?
  • How long is the project going to take?
  • And, most importantly, how much is it going to sell for after?

The key to a successful fix and flip is to stay on course with your plan. Follow the timeline. Record everything from the deed of sale, building permits, to tax payments. Run a tight ship on the project, so you finish it on time. This is important, since fix-and-flips are just supposed to last for a few weeks. The sooner you can finish, the sooner you can earn the profit, and move on to a new project.

When you’ve finally reached the time to sell, be reasonable with your asking price. The price of a house is still affected by its location. No matter how pretty it looks, it won’t sell if it’s way more expensive than the average market price in the area. Remember, it’s better to earn profit now than have a house on the market for months and years.

Be sure to tune in to my weekly podcast, the We Buy Houses Radio Show, to hear real-life examples on how my students and I apply this and other seller finance strategies in our transactions.

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