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Best Way To Get Into Business

00:20 – Ready for business?
00:40 – Busy, busy, busy
01:35 – How to do business

Hey, guys. How are you going? It’s Rick Otton speaking from, and I was running my mentoring course the other day as I normally do, which is my one-year mentoring course where people come in and learn how to buy lots of properties without spending a lot of money.

One of the students wasn’t quite getting the results he was looking for, and I sent him a question. “Let me ask you something. Are you in business, or are you in the business of getting ready for business?” So here’s my question to all of us today. Are we actually in business or are we in the business of getting ready for business? Let’s have a look at that in today’s little video.

Okay, here I am back again. It’s a little bit warm in the office, but hey. So here’s the deal. Sometimes what we do, right, is we get so busy getting ready to get busy to do business, we spend the whole time with that. So we get out of the office, we set ourselves up, we go, ooh, we’ll get some stapler there, we’ll put some paper there, and we’ll get the phone there, and then we’ll reorganise that. We might actually reorganise our little office area for two or three weeks. So then we get ready to meet somebody, but before we do we better go to the copy machine and get a cup a coffee.

And then, actually, in fact, when you think about it, we’re so close to lunch, we’ll just go to lunch. Then we’ll get back from lunch, we’ll make some calls, then we’ll go meet some people. And then, oh my God, the afternoon newspaper’s just come in. We’ll have a quick glance at that. And, but oh heck, I’ll tell you what, it looks like there’s some new legislation happening in property. Well, we better investigate that before we actually get in the business of doing any business.

So at the end of the day you’re the best person in the business of getting ready for business, but we’ve done absolutely no business. Here’s how business works. Just get in the coffee shop and start meeting people. Start meeting buyers and sellers, and as a default, the business will just come from somewhere. If you shake enough trees, enough paw-paws are gonna drop down and hit you on the head. So it’s all about being in the game. I love being in the game. Let’s not worry about getting ready to do some business. Let’s do some business and let all that other readiness stuff fix itself a little bit later on.

Hey, my name is Rick Otton from, and if you’ve found this tip useful, share it with your friends and click here.

How To Speed Up Legals

How To Speed Up Legals

00:20 – The Problem With Slow Paperwork
00:40 – Out Of Country Solicitors
01:00 – The Work From Home Solicitors

Hi there everybody, my name is Rick Otton from

Someone said to me the other day they’d lost a property transaction because the people doing the legal paperwork were so slow. So where could you go to get people to do faster and quicker legal paperwork to put your transactions together? That’s what this video will be about today.

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How To Work With Property Managers

00:22 – Turning Fees Into Income Streams
00:47 – Different Approach On Fees
01:20 – Moving Everybody Forward

Hi, guys. It’s Rick Otton from I was running a group the other day of property investors, and they were talking to me about how much fees they pay for the management of their property portfolio. And I said, “We gotta create an income stream out of that. We can’t just pay fees to management companies without turning that into an income stream.” How do we do that? That’s what this video is going to be about today.

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Turn HMOs Into ATMs

00:30 – Why Buy HMOs?
1:00 – The Money Now Business
1:43 – What Investors Really Want

Hey, guys. It’s Rick, Rick Otton from Now with that in mind, I had a couple of my Go Direct mentoring students the other day telling me about they’re into what’s called HMOs, which is a property strategy and I said, “Let me ask you something. Why are you in that?”

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The Power of Less Is More

00:20 – The ‘Slim Bag’ Man
01:06 – What’s your ‘rank’?
01:50 – The Power of A Pen

Hi, everybody, it’s Rick Otton, Rick Otton from, and today’s little video is “Slimbag Man” or what I like to call the power of less is more. We need to be the Slimbag Man whenever we go into any negotiation with a buyer or seller, bank or financial institution. What is the Slimbag Man? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

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Freedom Fiver

00:22 – Freedom Fiver
01:00 – What’s The Most Efficient Marketing Tool?
02:09 – Cutting Down To Little Bits

Hi, everybody. Rick Otton from Hey, how can you get financial freedom with a fiver, right? Because this one’s called Freedom Fiver. I had a student the other day, was trying to get to financial freedom. I’m gonna share with you that story. I said, “I’ll tell you what you need. You need a Freedom Fiver.” “How does that work?” That’s what this video is gonna be about today.

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Employing The Success Formula

00:08 – The New Mantra
01:05 – Breaking the “3-Tries” Rule
02:00 – Staying In The Game

Hi everybody. It’s Rick Otton from There is an old expression that rings true, which is “do something for two years that most people won’t do and you can do something for the rest of your life that others can’t do.” Why is that so important? It’s imperatively important as the way we move forward to get what it is we want in and out of our property portfolio. Let’s expand on that a little bit in this video.

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Supersize Your Yields

00:14 – The Set Up
00:57 – Furniture Treasure Chest
01:25 – Upsizing

Hi, everybody, it’s Rick Otton. Rick Otton from and today’s little video is how do we maximise the yearly return out of our rentals. In other words, how do we get more money coming out of our rental properties? Well, it’s how we set it up from the very beginning when we first purchase the property and we’ll be addressing that today in this little one minute video.

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