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The Power of Being “The Slim Bag” Man

00:20 – The ‘Slim Bag’ Man
01:06 – What’s your ‘rank’?
01:50 – The Power of A Pen

Hi, everybody, it’s Rick Otton, Rick Otton from, and today’s little video is “Slimbag Man.” We need to be the Slimbag Man whenever we go into any negotiation with a buyer or seller, bank or financial institution. What is the Slimbag Man? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

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Freedom Fiver

00:22 – Freedom Fiver
01:00 – What’s The Most Efficient Marketing Tool?
02:09 – Cutting Down To Little Bits

Hi, everybody. Rick Otton from Hey, how can you get financial freedom with a fiver, right? Because this one’s called Freedom Fiver. I had a student the other day, was trying to get to financial freedom. I’m gonna share with you that story. I said, “I’ll tell you what you need. You need a Freedom Fiver.” “How does that work?” That’s what this video is gonna be about today.

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Employing The Success Formula

00:08 – The New Mantra
01:05 – Breaking the “3-Tries” Rule
02:00 – Staying In The Game

Hi everybody. It’s Rick Otton from There is an old expression that rings true, which is “do something for two years that most people won’t do and you can do something for the rest of your life that others can’t do.” Why is that so important? It’s imperatively important as the way we move forward to get what it is we want in and out of our property portfolio. Let’s expand on that a little bit in this video.

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Supersize Your Yields

00:14 – The Set Up
00:57 – Furniture Treasure Chest
01:25 – Upsizing

Hi, everybody, it’s Rick Otton. Rick Otton from and today’s little video is how do we maximise the yearly return out of our rentals. In other words, how do we get more money coming out of our rental properties? Well, it’s how we set it up from the very beginning when we first purchase the property and we’ll be addressing that today in this little one minute video.

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What’s The “Why”?

00:18 – Why Are We In Property?
00:35 – Cash Flow And Capital Growth
00:57 – The Exit Strategy

Hi everybody, it’s Rick. Rick Otton from I was with a small group of mentoring students just the other day, and we were talking about property of course. And I brought up the question about the why. And why are we in it, and why are we in property? Well that’s what this video’s all about today.

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Share The Profit!

00:20 – A new take on refurbs
00:40 – Why share?
01:05 – The best benefit

Hi, everybody, it’s Rick, Rick Otton, from I tell you what, let’s say we want to rehab or refurb a property, right? Where do we get the money from? Man, just suppose I could show you a way where it doesn’t have to come out of your pocket. That’s what this little video’s gonna be all about today.

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Agent Persuasion Techniques

00:35 – What Agents Usually Say
01:10 – Signing The Clipboard
01:45 – Singing From Same Song Sheet

Hi, everybody, it’s Rick, Rick Otton, here at the office, from Now, have you ever been a buyer of property, right, and you’re stuck at the agent’s, they give you all sorts of information about buying a piece of property and you’re not too sure about what’s right and what’s wrong, and what’s real and what isn’t? Well here’s a great way to find out and we’re going to be chatting about it in this video.

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What Phone Number Do I Use?

00:21 – Etiquette To Answering Phones
01:05 – The 4th Ring Rule
02:00 – Voicemail That Works!

Hi, guys. What’s the etiquette these days on answering phones, right? How many phone numbers, and when do you answer it and when don’t you? Let’s face it. You’re not always available. You might be even in the swim-up bar. So, anyway my name’s Rick Otton from That’s what our video’s about today.

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