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rick otton, lease options, how to apply lease options, property investment deals

Lease Options 101

Good day everybody. It’s Rick speaking. Beautiful morning just at the farm here, woken up. I’d like to say that I’ve just finished milking the cattle but I don’t have any cattle and I’d like to just say I’ve just been sickling the corn, don’t have a sickle.

I tell you what I found out about the difference between big town America and small town America. Small town America, towns are small. I tell you what I thought might be really interesting today is on our live talk today we would talk about different types of options and lease options because there’s so many different types and it’s such an interesting area we can get into so we’re going to talk about lease options and different ways you can put them together. One of our most common ways are…good day Chris buddy. Good to see you pal.

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rick otton, marketing tips, marketing 101, marketing strategy

Marketing 101 – What Works And What Doesn’t

00:45 – Test And Measure
01:00 – What’s The ROI?
01:30 – All About The Formula

Hi, everybody. My name is Rick Otton from I was with my Go Direct mentoring students. We were talking about marketing, and what works and what doesn’t work. And one of the students was using some instruments that are working very, very well in the marketplace, and the other one was using instruments that weren’t working so well.

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rick otton, remote property investing, virtual property investing

We Buy Houses Radio EP 173: Virtual Property Investing Tips

rick otton, remote property investing, virtual property investing

Rick Otton and his guest Joe McCall discuss the future of property investing: buying and selling property virtually! Open your mind to the opportunities when you’re no longer constrained by location, thanks to ever advancing technology.

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rick otton, how to work with yas, how to work with virtual assistants, why outsource

How To Work With VAs

00:30 – Why outsource?
01:00 – Assess Internet speed
01:35 – Working with VAs

Hi, everybody, my name is Rick Otton, and a lot of my people that I teach on property, I get them to use VAs and outsourcing. Why? Because these people could do work for us at less money per hour than what we’re actually worth ourselves. But what are the rules to getting a VA to work for us in such a way that it’s hassle-free? That’s what this video’s going to be about today.

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invest in greek property, property investing in greece, buy greek property,

We Buy Houses Radio EP 172: Should I Invest In Greek Property?

invest in greek property, property investing in greece, buy greek property,

Rick Otton interviews his student Christos, who is also an economist. Hear his insights on the property market in Greece, where it’s headed and if there are opportunities there for property investors. The answers might surprise you!

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We Buy Houses Radio EP 171: Groundbreaking Communication Hacks

In today’s We Buy Houses Radio Show, Rick Otton interviews Iven Frangi and discuss tried and tested communication techniques that can help boost your sales in the property investing game.

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How To Set Up Your Voicemail To Improve Client Call Backs | Avoid Voice Mail Ping Pong

00:40 – Phone habits
00:57 – The early text
01:25 – Voicemail Message

Hello there. My name is Rick Otton from I was with my Go Direct students, the people I teach how to buy properties, and the question came up about, how to use and build a reliable voicemail system.

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The Joy Of Low Hanging Fruit | How To Build A Property Portfolio Fast

00:29 – What’s the Low Hanging Fruit?
00:50 – Why “sexy” isn’t sexy
01:00 – Quick and easy

Hi, everybody. It’s Rick Otton speaking, from I was with my Go Direct mentoring students the other day and we were chatting about property. We talked about a thing called low-hanging fruit.

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