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Where To Go To Outsource

00:25 – What should you outsource?
00:40 – Where do you look?
01:15 – North or South?

Hi everybody, my name is Rick Otton from It seems like the whole world is going to outsourcing, but outsourcing where and for who? Well that’s what this video is going to be all about today.

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How To Explain A Difficult Process Simply

00:45 – The power of a story
01:25 – Make them relate
01:50 – Focus on the solution

Hi Everybody! My name is Rick Otton from I was having a conversation the other day with some fellow investors and they said to me, “How do you make property so simple?” I said, “Well, you know what? We use analogies, metaphors, and stories, and everybody gets it.”

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How To Get Others To Pay For Your Houses

00:30 – Working Your Network
01:05 – Who Are The Time Poor?
01:50 – How To Talk To Sellers

Hi, everybody, my name is, Rick Otton from, and this video is how to get people to buddy up and put their money into your transactions. So, you get the enjoyment of the profit, without having to be financially burdened. How do we do that? That’s what this video’s gonna be about today.

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How To Sell Houses Fast

00:20 – Nothing Like Competition
00:45 – The Golden Question To Ask
01:10 – Power Of A Form

Hi, everybody. My name is Rick Otton from How do you sell your property on the first day it’s for sale to the first people who see it? That’s what this video is going to be about today.

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How To Think About A Deal

00:30 – The methodology
01:35 – Getting the lender on board
02:07 – Never forget the research

Good day, everybody. My name is Rick Otton from I had a financial adviser called me just a few days ago on the phone. He asked me if I could put a particular transaction together for his seller, who was going to lose their home. The steps that I went through I’m going to share with you today in today’s video.

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How To Plan Your Year

00:20 – New Year’s resolutions
00:50 – The power of “bite size” approach
01:10 – “Cardboard reminder”

Hi, everybody. It’s Rick Otton. Rick Otton from Hi. I was filling in a bunch of my students, my mentoring students, talking about powering on the next 12 months, New Year’s resolution, how we’re gonna make it all happen.

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4 Elements Of Successful Negotiation

00:24 – The conversational cycle
00:40 – The set-up
01:20 – The art of the close

Hi, guys! It’s Rick Otton…Rick Otton from And I was chatting with some of my Go Direct students the other day. They were actually asking me about the conversational cycle, and I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do. Let’s give a sort of four little components here, four components of a conversational cycle, which just means that every time you’re having a conversation with buyers and sellers, they sort of come together more neatly.

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Become A Digital Nomad With Property Investing

00:19 – What’s the Nomad Lifestyle?
00:30 – Technology equals opportunity
01:00 – Power of outsourcing resources

Hi, everybody. It’s Rick speaking, Rick Otton from Laptop lifestyle, what is it, and how do we make it work for us in property? Let’s have a look at that today in this little video.

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