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How To Get Sellers To Accept Payments

Video Highlights:

00:35 – When Sellers Stick To Their Price
01:15 – Reframing Your Approach
02:00 – Making A House Easy To Buy

Hey, hi, guys, I tell you what, I had a student on the phone. We’re chatting on Skype. And they had someone in the middle of London, had a property for like a million pounds, and trying to sell this property for a million pounds, has been for about six months, called my student, and said, “Can you help me sell the property? I’m trying to get a million pounds for it.” It was how we did this. Because the student rang me up and said, “Oh, my god, they’re really stuck on their price. They’re stuck on their price. They won’t move. They want a million pounds cash.”

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Be The Reporter Not The Authority

Video Highlights:

00:32 The Reporter Or The Authority?
02:21 Art Of Implanting The Idea
03:00 The Better Approach To The Conversation

Hey, hey, hey . Hi, everybody, this is Rick Otton speaking. Today, are you the authority or the reporter? On any subject, on anything we do, there’s two people. There’s one person, who’s the authority on it, and there’s the other person, who just reports on it.

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Agreement Before Research

Video Highlights:

00:35 – Why The Deal Comes First
01:40 – Don’t Bury Yourself in Research
02:12 – One Phrase You Should Never Forget

Hi, everybody, it’s Rick speaking. Beautiful day in the office.

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Sell An Idea, Not A Proposal

00:54 – What the client needs to know
01:50 – Reframe your approach
02:30 – What the seller really wants

Hi guys, it’s Rick Otton from How do you get people to buy into a creative idea? Maybe you’ve got a creative proposal on how you want to buy a property. Well here’s the problem. You can try to lay that on somebody, and they’re just not going to get it. Their head’s going to explode. So how do you put across the table a creative idea that solves somebody else’s problem without their head exploding? That’s what we’re gonna be looking at today.

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Cash Flow Or Growth

Video Highlights:

0:26 – Cash Flow vs. Capital Growth
1:00 – Where is the wealth in property?
1:44 – Short-term and long-term strategies

Hi guys, Rick speaking. Rick from I tell you what we are going to be talking about today. One of my Go Direct students recently asked me, “What kind of properties do we buy?” And he said, “Rick, do we buy high cash flow properties? Or do we buy properties that don’t cash flow as much, but they’re gonna to have a lot of upside, a lot of equity, a lot of growth?” Which one do we buy? Let’s talk about that one today.

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Building Your Team

Video Highlights:

0:38 – Why You Need A Team
1:05 – The Wisdom Of Having 2 Solicitors
2:45 – Why You’ll Want A Private Lender
4:05 – Getting The Right Estate Agents Aboard

Hi, it’s Rick Otton.

I’ve just had a Go Direct Conference take place. One of the students mentioned that he had a deal that got away. He had the opportunity to buy a piece of property very cheap, but only had a short amount of time in which to do it. Because he didn’t have all the components in place, the deal got away.

How do we avoid that problem from ever happening again?

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Know Your Numbers

Video Highlights:

0:27 – The Power of Knowing Your Numbers
1:25 – How To Know How Much Your Deals Are Worth
2:15 – Why You Should Look For “The Packets of 10”

Hi, everybody. It’s Rick Otton speaking. Today’s video is about numbers. I know that sounds really, really boring, but numbers can be really, really powerful and has a lot to do with how much we earn every single year by knowing our numbers. And sometimes I find the most successful people are people who know their numbers and sometimes people who aren’t that motivated, not that excited to get out of bed, I usually find this because they just don’t know their numbers. So today it’s all about numbers.

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4 Questions For Buyers


0:30 Importance of a stable job and income
1:20 When will the moving truck arrive?
1:40 Seed money

Hi everybody, its Rick Otton speaking, and today’s video is a great one, it’s the four little nugget questions we need to ask when someone’s coming to buy our house.

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