00:40 – Phone habits
00:57 – The early text
01:25 – Voicemail Message

Hello there. My name is Rick Otton from rickotton.co.uk. I was with my Go Direct students, the people I teach how to buy properties, and the question came up about, how to use and build a reliable voicemail system.

And the problem arose that, when people were receiving voicemails from their marketing, upon calling back the number, quite often, they would get the voicemail of the other person, and they end up having a voicemail war.

How do we solve that problem? That is what this video is going to be about today.

Hi, everybody. Have you ever had that situation where someone leaves you a message, you call them back and you get their message, they call you back and they get your message? Times are changing, and people, quite often, will not answer a telephone if they do not recognise the phone number.

To avoid the voicemail phoning war, simply text the person 10 seconds before you’re going to make the phone call, let them know that you received their message, and you are about to return their call. You’ll find the acceptance rate of your phone call will increase massively. You might also include and mention to the person that they may wish to enter your name against that phone number in their phone, ready for when you call back.

A voicemail message can be absolutely fantastic if, when the people leave a voicemail message, you also let them know from what phone number you will be returning their voicemail message. Once people know that and make of a note of it in their phone, you’ll find that a lot more of your messages will move through what I call voicemail clutter.