00:30 – Why outsource?
01:00 – Assess Internet speed
01:35 – Working with VAs

Hi, everybody, my name is Rick Otton, and a lot of my people that I teach on property, I get them to use VAs and outsourcing. Why? Because these people could do work for us at less money per hour than what we’re actually worth ourselves. But what are the rules to getting a VA to work for us in such a way that it’s hassle-free? That’s what this video’s going to be about today.

Okay. So I was with the members of my Go Direct mentoring group where I teach people how to build property portfolios without using a lot of money and a lot of their hard-earned credit. And the question came up about outsourcing and VAs. And I’ve been one that’s been outsourcing for many, many years, and I get a lot of my students to outsource certain jobs that are somewhat menial.

Here are the rules around using a VA in a way that’s successful. When you give a VA instructions or work with you, do it over Skype. The reason we want to do it over Skype or any kind of teleconferencing software, is it allows you to know what the quality of their internet connection is.

There’s nothing worse than trying to get work done and you get the excuse coming back to you that the work could not get done because the upload speeds and download speeds are too slow.

The second thing is this: What’s called social politeness exists in some cultures around the world. Whether or not the person understands the instruction, they’ll still say, “Yes, sir,” they do-whether they do or not.

Whenever you give the instruction to the VA, get them to repeat back to you exactly the instruction and exactly the job as they understand it. That’s the way you get trouble-free VAs, and that’s the way you guys get doing what you should be doing, in coffee shops, putting more property transactions together.