00:32 – The traditional way
00:50 – Possibilities for miscommunication
01:05 – One step at a time

Hi, everybody. My name is Rick Otton, from rickotton.co.uk. Quite often when we present a proposal for a property transaction, the other person needs to process. And because they need to process they can’t make a decision, they have to think about it. How do we make it easier for the mind to process information, so they can make faster decisions about selling you their properties? That’s what this video is gonna be about today.

Okay everybody, here we go. When we go to buy a house, it’s a complete proposal we then put to the seller or the seller’s representative, the estate agent. Well what happens is the seller has to make a whole lot of micro decisions on this proposal to decide whether or not he’s gonna sell you that house. Well people need time to process and people need to think about it, and if they ever say no, you’re not too sure which element of your proposal they said no to.

Let’s present it a little bit differently. Let’s present each element of your proposal, and get a glance on it from the seller or the seller’s agent before you present the second, third, fourth, fifth, and seventh elements. That way if your negotiation falls apart, you know which bit needs to be renegotiated to keep the entire proposal in check. You’ll do a lot more transactions, a lot easier, and quicker, and a lot less sellers will need to think about it if we allow the process one step at a time.

My name is Rick Otton, I hope you enjoyed this video, there’s many more on the site. You can learn more by clicking here!