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00:25 – Getting sellers on board 00:40 – Best meeting place 00:50 – Life energy Hi everybody, my name is Rick Otton from When we buy houses directly from sellers, how do we get a higher percentage of our sellers to agree to sell us the house? That is what this video is going […]

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00:30 – What’s the right price? 00:45 – The rule of thumb 01:05 – The bottom third Hi everybody, my name is Rick Otton from I was meeting a bunch of my students the other day, my Go Direct mentoring students and one of them asked me this great question, “Rick, what’s the right […]

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00:45 – The power of a story 01:25 – Make them relate 01:50 – Focus on the solution Hi Everybody! My name is Rick Otton from I was having a conversation the other day with some fellow investors and they said to me, “How do you make property so simple?” I said, “Well, you […]