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The Joy Of Low Hanging Fruit | How To Build A Property Portfolio Fast

00:29 – What’s the Low Hanging Fruit? 00:50 – Why “sexy” isn’t sexy 01:00 – Quick and easy Hi, everybody. It’s Rick Otton speaking, from I was with my Go Direct mentoring students the other day and we were chatting about property. We talked about a thing called low-hanging fruit.

We Buy Houses Radio EP 170: Communication Hacks That Increase Sales

Ever wonder how to increase sales when investing in property? In today’s We Buy Houses Radio Show, Rick Otton shares the most important tool in the property sales process and how to use it to your advantage: how to communicate.

Lease Option Profits

00:30 – Where’s the money? 00:50 – The 3 stages of profit 01:15 – The power of joint ventures Hi, everybody, it’s Rick Otton here from I was with my Go Directors, the group of people that I mentor every year. We buy lots of properties, and what we were talking about was the […]

We Buy Houses Radio EP 169: Property 101-Rick Answers Your Questions

In today’s We Buy Houses Radio Show, property investor, Rick Otton, answers your property investing questions. Be sure to tune in and learn from his latest insights regarding the latest property market trends.

Secret To Time Management

00:15 – Why some people can 00:45 – The list of activities 01:05 – The one question you need to ask Hi everybody, my name is Rick Otton from Time management! My golly, don’t we wish we had 26 hours in a day. I was with my Go Directors the other day, and I […]

How To Add Value To Your Property!

Hi guys, I will tell you where I am right now. I am in a place called Des Moine, West Des Moine, actually, West Des Moine United States. I want to show you something.

We Buy Houses Radio EP 168: How To Structure Transactions

No matter how good your meeting is with a real estate agent, buyer or seller, the deal is only good after everything has been signed. Before that, all that transpires is just talk. In this podcast, property investor Rick Otton shares his advice on how you can increase your chances of closing the deal by […]



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