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How To Get Started In Property

00:16 Where to begin? 00:31 Start talking 00:49 Shake that tree Okay. Hi, my name is Rick Otton from How do we get into property quickly? How do we get in the business of property quickly, easily, where anybody can do it? That’s what this video’s gonna be about today.

How To Sell Houses Faster

00:30 – How to convince 00:50 – Emotion vs. Logic 01:50 – Question Framing Hi everybody, my name is Rick Otton from I was chatting with my Go Direct mentoring students the other day who were having a very hard time selling a house. I always like to think if we sell a house, we […]

Why More Property Deals Are Done In Cafés

00:25 – Getting sellers on board 00:40 – Best meeting place 00:50 – Life energy Hi everybody, my name is Rick Otton from When we buy houses directly from sellers, how do we get a higher percentage of our sellers to agree to sell us the house? That is what this video is going […]

The Formula For Buying Houses

00:30 – What’s the right price? 00:45 – The rule of thumb 01:05 – The bottom third Hi everybody, my name is Rick Otton from I was meeting a bunch of my students the other day, my Go Direct mentoring students and one of them asked me this great question, “Rick, what’s the right […]

How To Explain A Difficult Process Simply

00:45 – The power of a story 01:25 – Make them relate 01:50 – Focus on the solution Hi Everybody! My name is Rick Otton from I was having a conversation the other day with some fellow investors and they said to me, “How do you make property so simple?” I said, “Well, you […]

How To Get Others To Pay For Your Houses

00:30 – Working Your Network 01:05 – Who Are The Time Poor? 01:50 – How To Talk To Sellers Hi, everybody, my name is, Rick Otton from, and this video is how to get people to buddy up and put their money into your transactions. So, you get the enjoyment of the profit, without […]

How To Sell Houses Fast

00:20 – Nothing Like Competition 00:45 – The Golden Question To Ask 01:10 – Power Of A Form Hi, everybody. My name is Rick Otton from How do you sell your property on the first day it’s for sale to the first people who see it? That’s what this video is going to be […]



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