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How To Think About A Deal

00:30 – The methodology 01:35 – Getting the lender on board 02:07 – Never forget the research Good day, everybody. My name is Rick Otton from I had a financial adviser called me just a few days ago on the phone. He asked me if I could put a particular transaction together for his […]

How To Plan Your Year

00:20 – New Year’s resolutions 00:50 – The power of “bite size” approach 01:10 – “Cardboard reminder” Hi, everybody. It’s Rick Otton. Rick Otton from Hi. I was filling in a bunch of my students, my mentoring students, talking about powering on the next 12 months, New Year’s resolution, how we’re gonna make it […]

4 Elements Of Successful Negotiation

00:24 – The conversational cycle 00:40 – The set-up 01:20 – The art of the close Hi, guys! It’s Rick Otton…Rick Otton from And I was chatting with some of my Go Direct students the other day. They were actually asking me about the conversational cycle, and I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do. […]

Become A Digital Nomad With Property Investing

00:19 – What’s the Nomad Lifestyle? 00:30 – Technology equals opportunity 01:00 – Power of outsourcing resources Hi, everybody. It’s Rick speaking, Rick Otton from Laptop lifestyle, what is it, and how do we make it work for us in property? Let’s have a look at that today in this little video.

Profit When You Buy, Harvest When You Sell

00:20 – Buying “Hope” 00:50 – Different approach 01:05 – Profiting in a Changing Economy Hi, everybody, it’s Rick, Rick Otton from Tell you what, when we make our profits, and I gotta be careful we get that right because if we don’t get it right and we think we’re making a profit, we […]

How To Close The Sale

00:15 – Making the unexciting exciting 00:55 – The ‘must-ask’ question 01:35 – Let the benefits talk for you Hi, everybody. It’s Rick. Rick Otton from, and today’s little one minute video is how do you make the unexciting exciting? Let’s say you’re putting a property transaction together and you’re thinking, well, some of […]

Why Buy At The Bottom Third

00:34 – Golden Rule When Searching 01:05 – What’s The Bottom Third? 01:40 – Buyers’ Behaviour Hi, guys, it’s Rick, Rick Otton from A little bit warm today in the office. Hey, I tell you what. I had these new students join me, okay? They’ve sort of like come on board in my one-year […]



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