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How To Stay Motivated

00:28 – 3 Things To Keep In Mind 01:00 – How Do Entrepreneurs Think 01:43 – Birds Of A Feather…But Which Flock Are You? Hi guys, it’s Rick, Rick Otton from Hey, how do you eliminate self-doubt? How do you keep moving forward when you’re thinking: “Oh my God, I don’t even know what […]

The Second Smartest Man

00:25 – The Trick To Learning 01:00 – 4 Words You Need To Know 01:24 – Why The Less You Say, The More You Make Hi, everybody, it’s Rick, Rick Otton from, the second smartest man. How’s the best way to get educated in real estate? Just remember these four words: “Ooh,” “Ah,” “Really?” […]

Tools In The Toolbag

00:36 – Industry Jargon 01:15 – Why the “How” Isn’t Important 02:28 – What The Other Party Really Needs Hey. Hi, guys. It’s Rick Otton from Quite often, my Go Directors, they’ll say, “I went to see the seller and I said to him, ‘You can have a 10 10, a 2-1 buydown, a […]

Why You Need Price Parity

00:22 – What’s a Price Parity Clause? 01:15 – What’s in the clause? 02:05 – How do you get it in the contract? Hi, everybody. It’s Rick Otton from I had one of my Go Direct mentoring students with me the other day, and we were putting together a contract. Absolutely loved what he […]

One Piece Of Paper

00:25 – The Art Of One Piece Of Paper 01:10 – Who Creates The Contract? 02:12 – Don’t Tell…Ask Questions! Hey. Rick Otton from One piece of paper. Talking with Allen today. My golly, I caught up with Al. I haven’t spoken with him for years. He’s a student that goes back a long, […]

How To Get Sellers To Accept Payments

Video Highlights: 00:35 – When Sellers Stick To Their Price 01:15 – Reframing Your Approach 02:00 – Making A House Easy To Buy Hey, hi, guys, I tell you what, I had a student on the phone. We’re chatting on Skype. And they had someone in the middle of London, had a property for like […]

Be The Reporter Not The Authority

Video Highlights: 00:32 The Reporter Or The Authority? 02:21 Art Of Implanting The Idea 03:00 The Better Approach To The Conversation Hi, everybody, this is Rick Otton speaking. Today, are you the authority or the reporter? On any subject, on anything we do, there’s two people. There’s one person, who’s the authority on it, and […]



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