00:29 – Maximise profit when selling
00:50 – Designing the terms
01:00 – Framing the terms

Hi, everybody. It’s Rick Otton from rickotton.co.uk. Beautiful day in the office!

I was speaking with my Go Direct students the other day and the topic of getting payments for houses came up.

Say you’re selling your house to somebody, right? And you want to maximise the price you get, so you have people make payments. When people make payments to you for your property, you get more money for the property.

If you’re concerned about giving away the future profits, design it in such a way that you always keep half. How do we do that? That’s what this video is about today.

Okay, so we want to sell our house. We want to maximise the price we get for our house. So we’ll have our buyers make payments because we’ll always get more money for the house than if they just gave us a cash figure.

But we don’t want to give away all the future profits from this property, so why don’t we design it in such a way that we’ll allow them to make payments to buy our house as long as we can keep a percentage of all the future equity growth of that property? Why? We’ll get a percentage of the equity growth increase in return for allowing our buyers the convenience of being able to make monthly payments to purchase.

My name is Rick Otton, and I hope you found this video interesting. Share it with everybody and click here to learn more!