00:15 – Why some people can
00:45 – The list of activities
01:05 – The one question you need to ask

Hi everybody, my name is Rick Otton from rickotton.co.uk. Time management! My golly, don’t we wish we had 26 hours in a day. I was with my Go Directors the other day, and I said who’s done this and who’s done that. What I found was that people who did it had great time management.

The people who didn’t still had the same 24 hours, but had poor time management. Time management will have a lot to do with how much income goes in your bank account this year. How do we fix that? This video’s about time management, let’s have a look at that.

Okay, so we all start with 24 hours a day. First thing we need to do in our time management is recognise what makes us money and what doesn’t. The conversation should always be a scripted conversation going on in your mind that says this, “Is the conversation or what it is I’m doing now putting money into my pocket or taking money out of my pocket?”

So what you do is you write down all the different things you do during the day, and then you tick the things that put money in your pocket, and put an “X” against the things that take money outta your pocket. All the conversations you have with people, ask this one simple question, “Is this conversation moving money into my pocket, or sucking money outta my pocket?”

By these small changes, and then beginning to architect what it is you do during the day and what makes money and what doesn’t, you’d be surprised how over time, you will change the ratios. Most things you do will now make money and you’ll do very few things that don’t.

My name is Rick Otton, I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did, click here to learn more and share it with your friends. Okay.