£135,000 profit on 3 properties!
“I have used Rick’s system and it works. It is simple and hardly any initial layout of money. I have made £135,000 pounds on 3 deals where I would have normally walked away.”
Sarah Barrett

I can’t wait to get my first £10,000 out of this deal!
“Three months ago I didn’t even know what installment contract was, and I never believed that I’ll actually be at this stage now when we’re going to have an exchange on Thursday and I can’t wait to get my first £10,000 out of this deal.”
Susan Mendonca

I love options. They are friendly, flexible and fun!
“I bought Rick Otton’s course about six months ago, since then, I’ve been very busy. To date, I’ve helped around 25 people. I love options – they are friendly, flexible and fun! But it’s not just about the money for me. The deals I’ve done so far will give me a hundred thousand profit or more when they cash out. But it’s also about providing solutions for other people as well.”
Mark Jackson

£97,000 In One Transaction!
“I sold my 3 bedroom house in London and I received £30,000 upfront, £1,187 per month and £67,000 back end profit!”
Rachel Baws

£25,000 In One Transaction!
“I transacted one property and made £10,000 upfront, £400 cash flow per month and a back end profit of £15,000!”
Adam & Frances Long

£57,995 In One Transaction!
“I was able to sell my house to a tenant-buyer and make £343 cash flow per month with a back end profit of £57,995!”
Lindsay Naylor

I Make £65,000 Per Property!
“Four new deals signed up and possible 5th tomorrow. All £3,000 to £5,000 upfront, nearly £1,000 cash flow and total back end of £60,000! Thank U, Thank U, Thank U”
Trish McGirr

£7,000 In Less Than 2 Weeks!
“I sold a £109,000 property for £121,000 and pocketed £7,000 for less than 2 weeks work! Thanks!”
Oliver Wastell