Hi guys, it’s Rick Otton, I just popped down the road to the beach.

Actually, everybody knows one beach in Australia, I’m not even going to tell you the name. It’s the touristy beach that everybody goes to.

Anyway, I’m not here to tell you about the beach, I’m here to talk to you about shiny objects, a little lesson I’ve learned over 27 years.

People are always asking me for the next shiny object that makes you all the money. Write it down: “It’s the one you’re doing now!”

There’s no such thing as the next shiny object that makes all the money. The next shiny object always has to come with experience before you’ll make all the money. People say to me all the time, “Why don’t you do this, or why don’t you do that?”

And my answer is always what’s called Next Shiny Object Syndrome, which is what I’m going to have to learn before I make a profit.

I specialise in what I do and I don’t do things outside that because if I have no experience around it, it will cost me money to get experience. Quite often I see people who do what’s called The Next Shiny Object, which means they don’t actually make any money because they’re always worried about the next shiny object.

So I’m going to suggest this to you: There is no such thing as the next shiny object. The next shiny object should be the thing you’re doing now, just get better at it! Get more expertise, do it more often, and just get really, really good. Then you’ll become the expert in that.

So don’t keep changing to the next shiny object, or you’ll burn up a lot of life energy.

You’ll never get very good at anything because you’re always learning the next hottest, greatest thing. It’s like an adrenaline rush, similar to doing the purchase of something. It’s never the ownership of it, the thrill and the rush is around the purchase of it.

So if the next shiny object sounds sexy, well guess what? Maybe it’s ok to be not so sexy! 🙂

Alright, I just thought I’d share that. When people ask me what’s new, I say, “Well nothing is new, but just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get better at it. When you get better at it, you’ll become the best at it.”

One thing I’ve learned about being the best at anything is that everyone is willing to pay you a bucketload of money for your expertise. So just get good at something!

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