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Rick Otton is on fire in this We Buy Houses Radio podcast as he shares practical, street smart property investing strategies you can apply in your own transactions. If you want to fine tune your communication skills and expand your options when negotiating with buyers, sellers and even estate agents, then be sure to check out this latest episode.

Highlights include:

01:27 Converse, not interrogate
03:22 Asking without asking
04:15 What’s the ‘why’
05:05 Analysing the situation at hand
06:00 Benefits over features
06:57 Scripted replies
08:47 The importance of flexibility
09:50 Using both the positives and negatives
10:31 Why time-offers?
11:26 Body language and location setting
14:15 The power of discounts
14:45 Focus on emotion, not logic
16:53 Wants verses needs
17:34 Giving options
19:19 Making profits when buying rather than when selling
19:47 Remote property investing
23:17 Getting involved versus using agents

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