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No matter how good your meeting is with a real estate agent, buyer or seller, the deal is only good after everything has been signed. Before that, all that transpires is just talk.

In this podcast, property investor Rick Otton shares his advice on how you can increase your chances of closing the deal by the way you structure your transactions.

Highlights include:

01:30 The 5% and the 95%
02:58 What’s the deal?
03:42 Know your value
04:30 Case study
07:09 Spend energy wisely
08:10 Determine the wants
11:22 Is the seller committed?
14:55 When to see a property
16:15 All about the concept
18:15 Ask the right questions
19:12 How to search
20:37 Assessing the house
21:00 Tenants are the best eyes

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