In today’s We Buy Houses Radio Show, property investor, Rick Otton, answers your property investing questions. Be sure to tune in and learn from his latest insights regarding the latest property market trends.

Highlights include:

00:50 Getting started
04:30 When there’s little capital…
05:50 What do agents do?
06:15 Remote investing
09:20 Election cycles
11:45 The question of money
12:15 Seeing the alternative path
15:25 How to find solicitors
16:59 Commercial solicitors
18:35 All about the paperwork
19:55 How to structure?
20:35 What about Stamp Duty?
21:09 How long is an instalment or delayed completion contract?
21:58 Should sellers use solicitors?
24:29 When does the buyer get the mortgage in place?

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