how to increase sales

Ever wonder how to increase sales when investing in property? In today’s We Buy Houses Radio Show, Rick Otton shares the most important tool in the property sales process and how to use it to your advantage: how to communicate.

Highlights include:

00:37 Significance of strategies
01:21 How to get the buyer on board
01:44 How do you initiate the idea?
02:41 More or less details?
04:04 Formulate the problem
04:15 Drawings, pictures, or words?
05:03 Three-minute conversation
05:46 Art of the frame up
06:07 Power of alternatives
07:10 Is brainstorming allowed?
08:12 Surprise pattern break
09:56 Let the buyer ask questions
11:06 How to take charge
14:16 Conversation scripts
15:32 Blending in-the right way
16:31 Value time
17:11 Remember your worth
17:32 Are 3000 business cards worth it?
18:01 How to connect

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