rick otton, remote property investing, virtual property investing

Rick Otton and his guest Joe McCall discuss the future of property investing: buying and selling property virtually! Open your mind to the opportunities when you’re no longer constrained by location, thanks to ever advancing technology.

Highlights include:

01:00 Who is Joe McCall?
03:10 What’s virtual investing?
04:45 How to market your brand
05:13 How to scale up
06:15 When to invest virtually
07:00 Next level joint ventures
07:36 The virtual business plan
08:57 The profit formula
11:42 Managing lease options virtually
13:27 Qualities for success
16:24 What’s a good deal?
19:57 Retail versus investor
20:54 Most promising markets
22:37 Tailoring offers
24:00 Storage units
26:06 Key take-away